Account Settings: Require Service ("Please select the Service to be provided.")

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Published 05/11/2022 at 12:43am UTC

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If, when scheduling a session, you receive the message: Please select the Service to be provided.

Example of participant info with red error message "Please select the Service to be provided"



This error message appears if the "Scheduling" option, "Require Service for Scheduled Sessions", is set to "Yes". If no Account Services have been set up on the account, then effectively no sessions can be scheduled. 


An Account Administrator can create new Account Services; please see the support article How do Account Services work?


You can also disable the setting using the following steps:

1. Click on the profile icon and select Account Options. 

  • If your account has multiple users and you are changing only for yourself, click "My Options". 
  • If your account has multiple users and you are changing only for one user, click "Account Users". Then click the "Options" button next to the specific user you want to edit settings for.

Head and shoulders drop down Account Options


2. Click to expand Scheduling.




3. Scroll down to the option "Require Service for Scheduled Sessions" and change to "No". The change will save automatically.

Arrow pointing to changing the drop down selection to "No"



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