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Inner Fokus ( is a clinic providing comprehensive psychological services to include both psychological evaluation and treatment with a primary focus in the evaluation and treatment of children, adolescents and families. Services are provided by the husband and wife team of licensed doctoral level psychologists, Patrick and Lori Aleknavicius, Psy.D., L.P. (Please refer to the About page for a more detailed view of their backgrounds.)

More than just a way to capture attention, the spelling of Inner Fokus also carries meaning. The spelling of fokus is actually the correct German spelling of "focus".  It is a nod to the German heritage shared by both Lori and Patrick, and is a reminder of the importance of our heritage, culture, and environment in shaping who we are. It is also serves as a prominent reminder to occasionally break from current patterns in order to try a new (or old) way of doing things. 

The name and unique spelling of the business name reflect aspects of the philosophy behind our approach to treatment. It reflects the importance of looking within ourselves and our situation to be able to effectively identify, and move beyond, our personal and family challenges. There are many layers to an Inner Fokus and it can reflect looking at ourselves as individuals, as members of a family or other group, or within our behaviors and how we interact with others. More than anything, it represents the importance of letting the individual identify what an Inner Fokus means to them.


Using evidence-based treatments combine education, skill building, and solution-focused approaches, Dr. Patrick is able to help individuals, couples and families address underlying problems and/or concerns. In addition to focused work addressing anxiety, depression, relationship, and behavioral problems, he also specialize in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis and follow-up treatment/coaching for children, adolescents, adults, and parents. This work often includes working with parents on parenting skills, psycho-educational testing consultation and advocacy, and interventions for children, adolescents, and adults.


Sometimes, people try to get help, but it just seems like it isn't working. In those cases, what is often helpful is a psychological evaluation that looks to help understand what is really going on for a person. Dr. Patrick uses his specialization in psychological testing to help individuals, parents, and other treatment providers (therapists, physicians, school psychologists, etc.) better understand what may be happening for a person. This assistance with diagnostic clarification through comprehensive interviews and the use of psychological testing measures can then serve as a way to guide treatment to best meet the needs of the individual. With the emerging use of web-based evaluation tools, many types of evaluations can be completed remotely in an efficient and thorough manner. Using tele-therapy (video sessions) and advanced evaluation tools, comprehensive and effective evaluations and treatment have never been more convenient or accessible.

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